{ Wednesday, October 02, 2002 }

My Left Ear.

There's something wrong with my left ear. Not anything new, mind you.

There's a back up of drainage in there. Normally a couple of sinus pills and I'm all dried up and everything is fine.

Except this time it's not going away.

There are noises in my ear. And I do not like them. When I am paging someone at work (remember I am not just an accountant, I am also the receptionist/disembodied voice on the loudspeaker), there's all this reverb in my ear and it fucking hurts. Also if I hold the phone too close to my head when dialing. There are a few other things that catch it too.

I have tried popping them and seeing how it goes. But that doesn't really help. There's immediate draining followed by this itching feeling of all that stuff moving around.

Okay, so this is all very gross. Sorry, but it's driving me absolutely insane. I didn't talk to the doctor about it after the results of my hearing test, except to ask if that might be why my score was what it was. The answer was no, and take some sinus medicine. This is still from whenever I wrote about how I had all those sinus problems. Except now I am not stuffy or coughing or anything but just one ear full of crap.

All the other kids had tubes in their ears when I was younger. Is this what happens when you don't get tubes when you're three??

posted by mary ann 4:26 PM