{ Saturday, October 12, 2002 }


Emma and her boy came home last night. They've been in Texas for quite some time. A flurry of activity surrounded their return. It's been really, really quiet around here without them. Anyway, they're back. They went out for a drink, but I stayed in. I've just been so damned tired lately.

Then this morning I was up by eight am. I mean, that's a whole hour and a half of sleeping in, but still not much. I was feeling motivated, so I rode my bike and got some fast food breakfast. I love fast food breakfast. As a vegetarian, it's hard to love fast food any other time of the day, but a nice egg and cheese bagel or biscuit or croissant and some fast food "hashbrowns" (which are little more than really flat tator tots) is nice.

I think I have plans this afternoon. I'm supposed to go to a fun for the whole family hayride with Ellie. I think she still intends to go. Maybe that's this evening. I don't know. Anyway, we're definitely not going anywhere until hangover time is officially over. Not that I am hungover. It's amazing how much easier it is to get up in the morning if you don't get drunk the night before.

I seriously doubt anyone else is going to wake up before noon. Which means I have several hours to be productive. I'm thinking I need to do some laundry. I think I have three or four loads. It's amazing to me how much clothing I own. Four dressers. One for shirts. One for pants and shorts. One for underwear, pajamas, socks, pantyhose, slips, bathing suits and scarves. And one for the rest of my pants and shirts that won't fit into the other two. Then I have fifty sweaters. And a resonably large closet that's more than full of hanging clothes. I intend to go through all of them and find the thirty or so garments that I don't wear anymore. I know I have to have some clothes I don't wear. I must.

So, I think I am going to tackle my clothing today. If there's still time and I still feel productive maybe I'll go after cleaning the living room.

I also need to do some shopping. I don't have a car though. I need to buy a couple of garbage cans (we NEED a glass recyclables can inside the house), and some groceries and a modem and lightbulbs and I don't know what else. Most of it I can get within a mile of home and fit into my bike bags. Once somebody wakes up I'll see about borrowing a car for the rest...

I always start the day with the best intentions. I am an Aries. I love to plan. I feel like having a plan is as good as acting on the plan. And yes, I do know which road is paved with good intentions. Aries, the great intiator. I might yet get some of it done....

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