{ Thursday, October 31, 2002 }

Halloween on Parade.

Last night we got dressed up and went to a costume party/karaoke night at the nearby bar.

Apparently my closet is full of costumes. Waste borrowed a pair of my bell bottoms. Ellie borrowed my black crushed velvet outfit. I was torn between hippie, Dorothy Gale and Hester Prynne. All of which were sitting in my closet looking like the clothes I would normally wear.

I went out last night as Dororthy. Literary Dororthy with the silver shoes. Pigtails, big eyes, a gingham jumper and a basket with a stuffed animal in it. While I was getting dressed, I realized something. I was Dorothy Gale for Halloween 1983. I got out the photo album and made everyone look at how I had grown up to be a much more convincing Dorothy. I don't know if my mother chose that or if I did. Shelly was Santa Claus that year.

Before he was fired and I was laid off, anytime I wore my hair pulled off my face and curly at the ends and any make up at all, my boss would insist that I resembled a young Judy Garland. Last night Waste made some comment to the effect of that I looked just like fifteen year old Dorothy. I got carded and laughed at last night when I bought cigarettes "Looks real enough to me". I think it was because he asked for ID and I was like "I'm old enough to be stumbling in here drunk at one am legally." instead of volunteering my age.

We were at a bar and karaoke was on the menu. After much debate about just what exactly Dororthy might drink I landed myself with a Cosmopolitan. It seemed fitting. When "drunk enough to sing for strangers" came around, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" wasn't on the list. So, Copa Cabana it was. I think I did okay, I stumled a little bit on one verse "Then the punches flew, chairs were smashed in two. There was blood and a single gunshot, but just who shot who?" It was the third line that tripped me up.

In hindsight it was very fortunate that "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" wasn't available because I really don't sing well. I know all the words and the melody line and I'll dance around and I like to do it, but I never hit anything resembling the right notes. I can hear myself and know that I am not hitting the right notes, but that doesn't fix it. I would have hurt other people with that song.

Tonight the trick-or-treaters come! Apparently starting at six pm. I am so excited! I bought three bags of candy. I made Waste come with me to buy it because afterall, I'm the girl who hates chocolate. We went to the store where Apathy Boy works. He ducked! He saw me and he ducked! Waste and I were playing in the hair stuff aisle (we bought wax and I gave him dreadlocks last night. He plans to keep them. His mother is not going to be happy when he gets home.) and he must've heard me and I saw him and then I saw him duck! Hee!

Wate and I are having much fun. And the trick-or-treaters are coming tonight!!

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