{ Friday, April 19, 2002 }

Jaunt across the country.

I have a ticket to get into the concert.

I have reservations at a camp ground.

I have my travelling companion's home phone number.

I still don't know how we are going the nearly 2200 miles to this concert. Right so that's a problem.

Here's my latest crazy idea... BoyfriendFromHighSchool says that he will pay for food and gas... if I buy a car and drive it. See the reasons this is a good idea are as follows:

I am going to buy a car soon anyway. I'd save lots of money by just buying the car before I leave and then having no travel costs. I mean, I might as well just go head and do it right?

The reasons this is a bad idea are a) taking a new car somewhere unfamiliar and crowded is bad b) taking a new car that far right from the start is bad c) buying under pressure is bad d) it'll take a really long time.

I am still seriously considering going car shopping this weekend. I'm in the market for something very compact with a stick shift that is less than three years old and costs less than $10,000. I think I can find it.

posted by mary ann 2:08 PM