{ Wednesday, April 24, 2002 }

It's all coming together.

Careful planning is overrated. I'm leaving today. I know this much about the trip:

I am going with BoyfriendFromHighSchool.
There are still affordable tickets on the Greyhound bus for tonight.
He is coming to Lexington today.
He's picking up the tent on the way.
I have two people to sleep at my house and take care of my cat.
I am half packed.
I am travelling a distance of about 4400 miles in the next week.

What I need to know:
Once and for all, how we are definitely getting there.
How we are meeting up with keledy.
How we are getting to and from the bus station and camp ground.

The tent story... So, the tent is at my mom's house. Mom thinks I am going to California with Stapp. Trust me, it's easier this way. Much much easier. I have no car and Mom lives roughly 75 miles away. But BFHS (that's BoyfriendFromHighSchool if you haven't been paying attention) has to go near her house on his way. Except that he can't pick it up. So, I got Beeshaboo to go to my mom's house and pick up the tent from the front porch. That way it was definitely a girl who picked it up. Then I instructed BFFHS to pick up the tent at Beeshaboo's house. I guess I'll know how that worked when BFFHS arrives at like 4 PM today.

I am starting to get excited.

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