{ Tuesday, March 26, 2002 }
We're moving offices at work. This creates a myriad of challenges... including... what to do about the short girl...

I am five feet and two inches tall. The three other people in my department are each roughly six feet tall.

Actual conversation:
Boss: mary ann, come back here for a minute.
[I come to the new office]
So, now the way the printer was before... you couldn't change the toner yourself?
Me: No, I couldn't even press the big "Go" button. I couldn't see the top of it.
Boss: All right, you are going to have to order yourself a step stool.
Me: Why?
Boss: Well, if we put both the printer and the fax machine up there... you'll need to be able to dial the fax machine.
Me: Okay, where am I going to store this new step stool?
Boss: In your new cubicle. You'll just have to carry it with you when you need to fax something.
Me: This isn't some joke?
Boss: Nope.

Female Coworker and I were in our old office.

Me: Wow, everything seems so much shorter without the filing cabinets in here. I finally feel like I belong in this room.
Her: What?
Me: Before it always made me feel like I was so small... dwarfed by the furniture.

Then female coworker goes to her new cubicle in the moving process. Male Coworker and I are in here.

Him: Doesn't it seem weird in here without the cabinets?
Me: Yeah, I was just telling Female Coworker that.
Him: It's like the room was designed for midgets or something.

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