{ Monday, March 18, 2002 }
I have a computer at home. It's fully functional... I just need to get the drivers for the modem and then I will be updating from home and not so much from work. Imagine the possibilities....

Thanks to the people who made this possible...

NotBoyAnymore ~ for donating software and the parts that didn't explode two years ago in the great exploding computer fiasco.
Waste ~ for donating several parts which you did not turn around destroy, and also for helping me pick out other parts.
Mom ~ for unknowingly buying my case and sound card and I think also floppy drive.
Frank ~ for shipping me a motherboard and processor.
keledy ~ for arranging to have Frank ship the motherboard and processor
BrahmsBoy (a friend from high school) ~ for being really patient when I called you playing damsel in distress... I'm telling you, you'd make great technical support.

posted by mary ann 8:55 AM