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Who are all these people you are constantly writing about?

I live with

catIsis (Monster) ~ my cat. He was born in Sept of 2001. He loves: Steady. He likes: me, hiding under furniture, killing things and climbing on roofs. He hates: closed doors, empty food bowls and being home alone.

Does he look Twenty-five?Steady ~ the boyfriend. He's cute and smart and nice and fun.

Mondale ~ The new cat. "Our cat".

I have lived with

EmEmma ~ I've known her since she was twelve, when I was a junior counselor at the summer camp (and she was Camper of the Year. No really. Officially.) Four years later, we were on staff together. Then we both landed rather directionless in Lexington Kentucky around the same time. She's so cool you can't even believe it.

Kristie ~ A friend of Emma and Ellie's originally, she went to high school with Ellie. She's a student. She moved to an apartment closer to campus and her boyfriend. She's a fun girl, and it was neat to get to watch her first year out in the world. The day she came home and announced she'd found feminism was really one of my most proud.

Ellie ~ She was my roommate, but she moved out to live with her husband. She's Emma's older sister and she's long been my favorite bar hopping girlfriend. We also used go boy hunting together, but these days we only hunt for me. We worked together at summer camp.

Waste/Boy ~ he was my boyfriend, then he became my problem. We lived together for a year and a half, the last year of which he was unemployed. He moved away to Ohio at my request. He's really one of my favorite people, although you might not get that from the archives. He has managed to become a self-sufficient member of society since I sent him away. He's now engaged married.

chris ~ we are sorority sisters. We lived together for a semester and sat in the back at meetings being all anti-social. She's really a fun time, and I'd wish we could both get it together to see more of each other. (She's also beautiful and brilliant)

Tina ~ another sorority sister. She teaches kindergarten and is the most devoted educator a person could want teaching their children. We tend to have very random adventures together. She's as in touch with her InnerRandomAdolescent as I am so we can get drunk and take pictures in the park together.


DSCF0592 Mom and Shelly

Shelly ~ my sister... 13 months younger than me. She lives in North Carolina Los Angeles Sacremento Portland. We shared a bedroom and a childhood. To a certain degree we're the same person and to that same degree we're polar opposites.

Nikki ~ my half sister... seven and a half years younger than me, although a nurse once thought she was the older one. She's a really beautiful, fun, articulate, bright girl. I worry about her like it's a career option.

Mom ~ she raised me basically single handedly. She's really much better than anyone else's mother, but that doesn't mean she doesn't make me crazy sometimes.

Other People I Often Talk About

JV ~ Kristie's Canadian friend from school. (that's how I knew of him for awhile) This guy is one my very most favorite people. We have entirely too much fun together.

ydelek ~ a friend from all over. We've known eachother since we were six or seven years old. She accepts the blame for my online habit (or she should, anyway) after the random events of a New Year's Eve and Jzeuiss . She's moved all over the earth since high school... We see eachother a few times a year and exchange obscene amounts of e mail.

Pratt ~ my internet friend. He commented on my page and we started e mailing and now he's my internet friend. We met at JournalCon, there's photographic evidence even. I'm bratty to him and he tolerates it really well.

CanadaDave ~ We met working on a local political campaign in Windsor Ontario. It's a long story that ends with me in a dryer. He listens to me whine over the internet all day long about everything and anything.

People Who Appear Occasionally and In the Archives

Writer Guy (Paul) ~ He was my boyfriend. He's moved to Illinois Wyoming. We have an outstanding capacity to make each other crazy. Sometimes we're not on speaking terms while we both calm down. Mostly we like each other though.

Jeff ~ my friend from high school. We share almost no values, but we're both really fascinated by the minutae of anything. He solves my problems, but not without asking about every contingency first. He's great.

Scary Floridian Stalker Guy ~ he wishes I wouldn't call him that particularly since he never *really* stalked me; he doesn't live in Florida anymore and he isn't that scary. He seems to think we should date. I am not inclined to agree. We fight about that and lots of other things all the time. I guess that's his way, pulling on pigtails, or else he just likes to argue as much as I do. He's been "stalking" me since 1996.

BoyfriendFromHighSchool (or "my high school boyfriend") ~ We dated pleasantly for about a year, then we made eachother miserable for about three more (during most of which I was also with NotBoyAnymore) Then we didn't talk for two years and now we're friends. We get along really well, but sometimes we just fall off each other's radar for awhile. It's nothing personal, it just happens.

The Boy Whose Father Hates Me ~ We have a lot of mutual friends. I haven't actually seen him since Ellie got married, but he's there in the archives. We were pretty close once upon a time, but now we're not actually friends. We just know the same people and try to coexist peacefully.

Apathy Boy ~ This guy I went to high school with. Six years later, we were both living in Lexington... and we kinda dated for like a minute in the summer of 2002. Then he said I wasn't his idea of fun. We're not really in touch, but I'm not as bitter as I used to be about it.

NotBoyAnymore ~ Another x-boyfriend. We had a bad pattern going on where we confused comfort, nostalgia and lust for good reasons to be together. Then we'd realize that we don't really like each other all that much (he hasn't said that, but I am). We're not on speaking terms at the moment, and I doubt we will be again. He's now married.

BusStopGuy ~ we met at the transit center. He's seven years older than me, an unemployed musician... I kept telling myself it wasn't going anywhere and telling him it wasn't going anywhere and he just wouldn't listen. Eventually I just came out and told him I was more emotionally involved in my houseplants and actually they're better conversationalists. He took the hint.

There are various other people who pop up here and there, but their role in my life should be pretty self-explainatory.

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