{ Thursday, March 01, 2001 }

The New Bio

I am a short, feminist, vegetarian with osteogenesis imperfecta. I am originally from the Northern Kentucky suburbs of Cincinnati. Now I live near San Francisco.

This blog has been around for about eight years. You don't see the archives, because they're somewhat embarassing. I am sure I will put them back up eventually. I tend to grow my hair out and then cut it off with alarming frequency. So, odds are I look like one of these right now. When I wrote this in Nov 2008, I had the bob but.. fluffier than this. More curls and layers. When I updated it in February 2010, I realized I hadn't had a haircut in more than 15 months, so now it's somewhere in the middle.


Here's the gist of the missing archives.
  • 1980: born March 25.
  • 1992: Skipped seventh and eighth grades.
  • 2000: Finished college. Moved to Lexington KY with a boy. Got a job. Started this blog.
  • 2001: Got a cat (Isis). Had a lot of angst.
  • 2002: Kicked the boy out. My car died. Got laid off. Moved in with some girls.
  • 2003: Got a new car. Was very poor. Got a job. Worked a lot. Kissed a lot of boys. Drank too much.
  • 2004: Got laid off. Moved to Arizona for a better job. Started dating Drew.
  • 2005: Moved in with Drew. Spent an obscene amount of money on denistry.
  • 2006: Got another cat (Mondale). Started a new, better job (without getting laid off first!). Mom was diagnosed with cancer. Got engaged.
  • 2007: Car got totalled. Got married. Bought another car. Bought a house. Got a puppy (Lily).
  • 2008: Got laid off. Got another job. Isis was mauled to death. Nephew was born. Moved to California. Found a fantastic job.
  • 2009: My mom died.

I would love for you to e mail me and say hello. Especially if I don't know you yet.

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