{ Wednesday, August 08, 2007 }


Could someone please explain to me...

The other day, Monday, I was in a gas station grabbing some junk food to call lunch.
I don't walk into gas stations much. I only get gas about once a month, and then I pay at the pump. I usually eat my lunch at home. Generally, we keep beverages on hand.. and so on. I don't find myself inside of gas stations much.

This was a fancy gas station. There was, in the hot foods section, something that I still cannot wrap my little vegetarian brain around...

I believe they were called Nacho Cheese and Beef Stuffed Breadsticks. If I recall correctly, they cost $1 each.

I was completely fascinated. I was so distracted by them that I almost lost my place in line. They don't make any sense to me. How many people had to think that was a good idea before they came to have their own signage and space inside the gas station?

Who thought of this? "I know what people want! They want nachos with beef and cheese and a way to eat them while driving. We'll... switch the nachos out for a breadstick and then stuff the beef and cheese inside of it and cook it like a hot dog. That'll sell like hotcakes! It isn't creepy at all!"

For two days I've been trying to decide if people actual eat those things while in the confines of sobriety without first losing a bet or being dared.

posted by mary ann 12:41 PM