{ Tuesday, July 03, 2007 }

The Weekend

I had a great time in Cincinnati this weekend. The shower was fantastic and people are much more generous than anticipated, and my mom and I had a good time, and we got a really whole lot of wedding planning accomplished. Like, basically all of it.

So, Let's imagine for a second that you get into the car, and your mother asks you if that's what you're really wearing. You confirm. She tells you that you can't, because the place where you're going won't let you in without a collared shirt. You run back in the house and change into the other shirt you'd thought about wearing.

cincinnati 003

Does this match or not? It was a real point of contention that inspired some supremely unkind words...

cincinnati 038

cincinnati 036

Slideshow is here.

Okay, this next part is not for the squeamish. You're warned. Here, look, a picture of puppies. I also got to pet puppies at my friends' house! Look at the picture and then skip on down to the bottom to comment and tell me if my clothes matched.

cincinnati 047

It's been hectic. To say I've been busy is to put it lightly. Normally, my day involves a bare minimum of 2-3 hours of unstructured time to sit on my ass. Leisure time. But then I went on vacation, and naturally leisure went out the window.

How bad was it? Last night, at nine pm, I drove the Buick about 80 miles to my friends' house so I could poop (and hang out, but I really needed to use a bathroom). Because for four days, I'd been in a house with one bathroom and at least two post-menopausal bladders *and* I was the center of all attention and... I literally did not have the unstructured time or the privacy to have a bowel movement.

When I got down their house and I got into their bathroom is was every bit as awful as you're thinking it must have been and I found myself sitting there thinking "Fuck. I am going to have to go to the hospital and have some sort of surgery. That is the only way out of this situation." It wasn't though. It was just a really bad experience.

And now I only have one more hour left in my layover. Tomorrow I have big plans to get more than four hours' sleep and run a bare minimum of errands. We're having people over to watch the fireworks, and I have this hope that Drew's somehow been inspired by my "I've been too busy to poop" sort of updates on the weekend and he's run any related errands and done all cleaning for fireworks watching before I get home.

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