{ Saturday, May 26, 2007 }

Sad Morning

So, I was going to write a little note here about how I think I am officially maybe a grown-up. I know, I'm getting married, trying to buy a house, and have been my own primary source of financial support for more than five years. But! This one's even bigger than all that.

It's been a gradual change. But, more often than not, I am now waking up in the morning on the weekends around the same time I wake up for work. It's been a really long time since I slept past ten am. Clearly, this is some indicator of real adulthood. I have a grown-up circadian rhythm.

People who know me know that I love a fast food breakfast. Yeah, I know. Nothing good ever came of eating fast food. I still really do love a fast food breakfast. I also love Taco Bell. I eat whole grains and beans and organic what-not and other good things most of the time. But I do love a fast food breakfast. And sometimes, I just want an $.84 bean burrito that comes fully cooked.

The breakfast is the issue today. For the last... how long have I had my very own car? Eight years? We'll say eight years. For the last eight years or so, I've been eating a McDonald's bagel for breakfast any chance I got. First it was the Spanish Omlette bagel with no meat. Then they discontinued those a few years ago and I had to change to the "bacon, egg and cheese bagel, no bacon".

They only serve them until ten thirty, and it's not like my "morning routine" involves leaving the bed more than twenty minutes before I'm supposed to arrive at work, so they're quite the treat.

This morning, I learned that the bagel has been discontinued. I don't have words for how disappointed I am. I sent an email to the restaurant itself letting them know how very professional and kind the cashier was about my disappointment and confusion. Then I sent McDonald's an email telling them that they've lost my business.

I guess my new weekend default breakfast is going to have to be a bagel with hummus from Einstein Bros. I really like it too, and it's a good after ten thirty second place breakfast. They don't have a drive thru. But I'll have to make due.

In happier news, tonight Emma arrives!!

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