{ Wednesday, May 02, 2007 }

Feverish Babble

I have an ear infection. It itches. Additionally, my left sinus (same side as the itchy ear) is tender to the touch. I went to the doctor and I was running a fever and everything. Antibiotics and Decongestant.

So, I go to the pharmacy. And while handing over my prescription, I see the decongestants are located behind the counter. So, I pulled out the note the doctor gave me about what exactly sort of decongestant I wanted and handed it over to the pharmacy tech. Then I sat down and read my book while they filled the script. They called my name, I came over...

She asks for my driver's license. I'm thinking that this is odd because antibiotics for sinus infections are not... you're not gonna get high off of them, and I'm sure there's no legal age for antibiotic purchases... so... why do you want to verify my identity? I remembered about how HIPPA requires doctors to get photo IDs from patients, and I figured this must be part of that.

She entered all of the information from my ID into her computer. Fine. Whatever. They already had enough personal information to file a claim with the health insurance people, so the stuff on my driver's license is just repetitive, really. I got out my card to pay for the medicine and before I swiped it, she told me to sign on the little kiosky credit card machine.

I asked what I was signing for. Oh, my decogestant. They have to keep records of these things because of the whole they-make-illegal-drugs-out-of-them thing. It was very odd to have to present ID and have my purchase verified.

I almost asked how soon I would be allowed to buy more. Because what happens if what the doctor recommended is actually too strong of a dose? I'm very much of a mind that my little self does not require quite the same dose of medication that a grown man with twice my weight does. And so if the side-effects are too much, I could always scale back the dose. 120mg seems like an awfully lot. I think the ones my mom used to give me were 30mg, and those knocked me on my ass.

So, I might need to buy more so I can take less. But now I'll be afraid to. What happens to people who try to buy more right away? Will they just say no or will the police come?

It doesn't much matter because I took one and it wasn't bad.

We have an errand to run, but here's something. The warnings on the antibiotics seem to indicate that they have the power to make some people crazy.

CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you experience emotional or mood changes, confusion, hallucinations, depression, nightmares or trouble sleeping.

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