{ Thursday, March 08, 2007 }


I was in San Diego for work this week. I am still picking the snarl balls out of my hair. Ocean air elevates my hair into new levels of curling up on itself and now it's at the point where I can grab one hair and the rest just follows. It's really pretty. I am not looking forward to attempting to comb this mess.

I tried to get around this by slathering on a lot of FrizzEase deep conditioner the first night there, but I still ended up with giant snarl ball hair.

The same thing happened three years ago in Italy, but then I had really short hair and it wasn't such an undertaking to comb it out. These days, my hair is at the length where people see me and say "Wow, your hair got long again." Which also equals "Stay on top of those snarl balls or you'll be in pain."

Because routines bore me, and so I get my haircut when the spirit moves. In the last two years, the spirit has moved me to get three trims. Sometimes, I go off, my waist length hair in a bun, to get a haircut because I Just Want to Pay Someone Else to Wash and Comb This, and I come back with no hair touching my shoulders. Sometimes, an entire calendar year goes by and I forget there are such things as salons.

And sometimes, I get an itch and just cut my own damned hair. I've mostly given myself good haircuts, but I think I'm over DIY hairdressing these days.

Fortunately, since I rarely use heat to style, and I really do not expose my hair to much by way of chemicals or water, when I do find my way back to Aveda, I promise my hairdresser that she's my one and only and this is her work and what a testament to her fantastic haircuts this is because look at how it's kept its shape! and then she marvels about how someone can go ten months without a haircut and have basically healthy hair.

Can you tell I know I need a damned haircut? It's heavy and dry and too long (and still the cut has a shape!) and I have been meaning for at least four weeks to make the appointment, but I keep remembering when they're closed or I am in the car without the phone number.

While we're talking about my appearance, I got new glasses last week. I keep thinking I'm going to make Drew take a picture so you can all see, but then I realize my hair is a gigantic mess or whatever and I put it off.

One more quick point, it's freaking HOT in Phoenix. I hope this passes and we get another couple of weeks of reasonable and this isn't the runup to summer. I'm not ready for it to be 90* outside yet, but Mother Nature does not care. It will be in the nineties this weekend.

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