{ Friday, February 16, 2007 }

This Situation CALLS for the Caps Lock, Damnit.

Mondale has a fat lip. Since every single thing that happens to the cat might be an absess like that thing that mauled Isis's tail and this is Mondale's FACE, I made an appointment at the vet.

I left work and was headed home. I got pulled over for failing to come to a complete stop for a right on red. FUCK. My very first moving violation ever.

AND THEN! I didn't have registration or proof of insurance in the car. Because some hooligans broke into it on New Years Day. I'm all BLAHBLAHBLAH IT IS INSURED AND REGISTERED AND LOOK UP THE POLICE REPORT!!

The cop told me to get out of the car. I was like "What? Wait? Here? We're on an enterance ramp? Why? Huh?" And he repeated his request for me to get out of the car. I think that was when I began shaking and crying. Which I think is quite reasonable, given that it was nine am and I'm like "There's no way he thinks I am intoxicated. Why would I get out of the car?"

Then he took my license plate. Just removed it from my car. And told me he wasn't going to arrest me or have my car towed, but, you know, he could. But he believes me that the thing is insured and registered. But since we could see my apartment from where we were standing, I could take my car home. He followed me to the gates of my complex.

The gates which APPARENTLY DO NO GOOD. The car sits in a gated lot under a gated building inside a gated complex. Arizona is weird like that. AND YET MY CAR WAS STILL BROKEN INTO. None-the-less, I still have to hike to the outside of this fortress to meet the cab, because the gates are too much hassle for law abiding people.

Now here I sit, waiting for my cab to take me to the MVD because (as my mother pointed out when I called her for guidance because clearly that's what one does when one has just been told by a police officer that he believes you and therefore will not ARREST YOU ON THE SPOT, you call your office and explain there's been a SNAFU and you'll be back as soon as is possible, and then you call your mom) because today is not my day and I cannot risk actually being arrested by driving the three miles to the DMV. And goddess knows, I'd fuck up at riding the bus if I tried to do that right now.

So, off to the DMV with me via cab. Where I will hand them my spare insurance card and they will hopefully be very understanding about how all of this happened to me and I don't know what happened to the copy they were supposed to mail but please print me a registration and tell me how to MAKE THIS GO AWAY I NEED MY LICENSE PLATE.

I could just take the cab and go back to work and deal with this later when Drew can drive me, but I think "deal with this later" was sorta how I got in this mess in the first place. (Okay, and also making a not at all dangerous right turn on red without coming to a complete stop, and I understand that and I understand that I will pay for it, but in ten years this is my first moving violation and so whatever. Fine. I was due.)

What a mess I've made.

posted by mary ann 10:16 AM