{ Saturday, February 17, 2007 }

The Rest of the Story

Okay, so I left the DMV with a $1 3-day paper license plate and registration. I walked out to the bus stop, and naturally while I was sitting there, the sprinklers came on. But half an hour later the bus came, I successfully got off at the transfer point, found my new bus and sat down to wait.

That was when I read the fine print on the papers. This was a license and registration only usable to drive to and from the MVD. Hrm. Got home, sat down to try to decide what to do, and the phone rang. Insurance company has sent over my paperwork!

So, I taped my new "license plate" in the window of my car just like the directions told me and drove back to the MVD. I got my number, had a seat, and then when the woman who had helped me the first time finished with her... customer seems like the wrong word, but yeah, customer, she caught my eye and let me skip the line.

I got my plates! I got the "this was all just a big misunderstanding, no fines for you, except for the part with the red light" paperwork! It was entirely free of charge.

And from there I went straight to work for the rest of the afternoon. What a freaking day.

You may remember that way back when I started this journey, I set out to take Mondale to the vet about his fat lip. Well, tonight we went. He has lesions. He got a steriod shot and antibiotics (twice a day for two weeks) as well as strict instructions to go back on dry food.

We go back in two weeks.

So, we bought the food and we bought a little tiny cat condo, one with a hole so small there's no way Isis fits in it. Except, that his arm does and he reached in and flipped the bowl over, getting dry food close enough to the entrance that he can stick his head in and eat it. We've switched bowls. I'll let you know how it progresses.

posted by mary ann 8:02 PM