{ Friday, January 26, 2007 }


We went to the vet last night. Me, Drew, Isis and Mondale. Isis behaved... inexcusably really. And Mondale was his self -- pliable, calm, slightly confused, just normal Mondale.

Drew carried Isis in carrier and I carried Mondale. The vet asked if we thought Isis might be back below twenty pounds. I deferred to Drew and he had just been carrying Isis as dead weight on a handle. Drew said he doubted it.

The cat weighs...

Twenty-five pounds.

We redoubling our diet and excersize efforts over here. Mondale is now getting the same food in the same amount that Isis gets. So Isis can't eat Mondale's normal cat dry food.

Mondale only weighs ten pounds. And now if Isis eats Mondale's food, well, at least it's the canned stuff he's supposed to eat.

(Drew mentioned he couldn't believe I ever carried Isis in his carrier like that. Last time, I took him out of the carrier before getting him out of the car on the way home because I had had enough. And so I carried the cat on my body with one arm and the carrier with the other and I actually put the cat down in the elevator... and that was almost five pounds back.)

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