{ Wednesday, December 06, 2006 }


I mention this every year, but I have a really hard time getting into Advent. I get into Christmas when Christmas actually begins. Which is simply not the way it's done. It's pretty frustrating.

This weekend we're going to set up the Christmas tree. I'm anxious to see how Mondale feels about it.

If I receive one more lecture on the topic: You haven't purchased a flight home for Christmas and this is a really, really bad move on your part... I... don't know what I will do about it. Be very annoyed.

Seriously, I get that it's sort of a big deal. But my mother and my sister are acting like... like they're waiting to make some sort of Advent-inspired calendar counting down to my arrival and my lack of firm plans is really inhibiting their ability to make a craft and eat a chocolate each day.

The good news is that my immediate family no longer exchanges gifts. We all like it better that way.

So that's where I am on Christmas. Not really feeling it yet.

I'm going through a little phase where I find the way the cats follow me around to be less charming and more creepy. I come out of the upstairs bathroom to two cats seated by the door just waiting for me, and then they follow me back downstairs.

Every time I move, the cats notice. I mean, like, if I shift my weight while sitting, they both stop what they're doing to check me out. They make sure they know when my boyfriend is moving, but they don't follow him from room to room upstairs and down.

I wrote that and then I read this and I totally felt like I was taking my two cats for granted. Requiescat in Pace, evil, evil cat.

Mephisto Cat

(Photo from when I was in town in March and I saw how much less fat her cat is was and took a picture hoping to show it to Isis for inspiration. Because I'm a weirdo.)

The box for the laptop arrived today. So tomorrow I get to send it back to Dell. I'm pretty anxious to have it back. Sharing a laptop sucks.

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