{ Tuesday, November 28, 2006 }

Vacation Round-Up

What I read on my Thanksgiving Vacation:

I am going to do this entirely off by memory. Normally, I bother to look up links to all the books and get their names right and stuff. Not today. Today I am lazy. Because I have the largest pimple I have ever had in my entire life on my chin and it's making me feel not-helpful.

Grave um, something or other. It seems to be one in a series about some woman who was hit by lightning and now can locate corpses and tell how they died. It was totally readable, but I don't really go in for mysteries much so I don't think I liked it like I was supposed to. I bought this at O'Hare in the middle of the night.

Miss Misery This one was sort of about online journals, which made it somewhat interesting to me, because I am self obsessed and like to know what other people's impressions of this whole journalling thing are. My sister provided this. She had picked it up somewhere intending to read it and then changed her mind. The whole thing was a bit too surreal to me with an actual externalized Id running around interacting with all of the characters.

Lullabies for Small Criminals: as I mentioned last night, this one left me sobbing in the middle seat of an airplane. It was great. Really great. I laughed and I cried and I tried to think of who I knew who would most enjoy reading this book because I wanted to share it with others.

and Crazy and Contagious: totally fun. Totally readable. The whole two voices thing usually does not work for me AT ALL, but I liked this book just an awfully lot. Even though I knew how it would end by the second chapter, I really, really liked it.

And what I took pictures of on my Thanksgiving Vacation

It seems that in Arizona, I photograph the wildlife within my apartment. In Kentucky, I photograph the wildlife that's actually around me. Here we go.

(You should know I am typing this with Mondale wedged between my leg and my torso, head on my knee, occasionally clamoring to climb onto the keyboard and just roll around on the hands that are not petting him.)

I took a thousand pictures of the Cincinnati skyline from I-75. They're all gray and kinda blurry and full of signs and telephone poles.

cincinnati skyline

And I got an action shot of my sister jogging.

sister jogging

There were pretty grasses at the arboretum.


Camp Ernst is also really pretty. I took a lot of pictures at the lake.

Camp Ernst Lake

One time I got hypothermia in May swimming way back from the farthest cove while towing canoes because I just couldn't paddle them against the wind and they were really stuck.

Camp Ernst Lake

And I really want to know why these two trees are blue. I suspect there's a really good reason for it that is grounded in no reality. Painting the trees blue seems like it would a fun thing to do though.

Camp Ernst Lake

The sunset was really pretty when I was driving in Lexington to meet Ellie and her husband.

Sunset in Lexington

When I was little little (maybe eight years old), I thought that the space under these two trees was magical. It's way back on the back corner of the farm. I wandered up here looking for cell phone reception. And it proved magical when I did, finally, get reception awfully near the trees and no hunters shot me.


There was an unattended fire in Rabbit Hash on Thanksgiving.

Rabbit Hash

Rabbit Hash

Rabbit Hash

The river and the fire:

Ohio River at Rabbit Hash

And those are the highlights of my photos...

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