{ Tuesday, November 21, 2006 }

Paying Retail

Today after work I went straight to the mall. Miraculously enough, I managed to find exactly the jeans I was looking for (if anyone cares, they're Gap, Long and Lean). These. I had to buy new jeans because the last pair I bought is too big (they were sort of too big when I bought them) and the pair before that was purchased when I still lived in the Eastern Time Zone.

My sister called while I was in the dressing room waiting for the sales associate to bring me a smaller size. As it turns out the salesperson was right and I'm actually a size two. They're even the right length. I am very excited about my new pants.

Shelly immediately chastised me for going to the regular mall Gap when in two days I will be right near the Gap Outlet. I reminded her that the place will be more of a madhouse than normal Thanksgiving weekend and, really, by just paying more, I was saving my sister a very large chaos induced meltdown.

Because here's how that briefly proposed Gap Outlet trip would go. I would walk in, be completely paralyzed by the crowd, and then hover around my sister afraid of getting seperated while she worked herself up into a manic episode and ended up making some shirt she thought I should buy sing and dance in my face for her amusement.

After one and a half hours spent stubbornly standing in line for a dressing room while my sister tried to convince me to try on pants in the middle of the store, she would end up coming into the dressing room with me and that would be approximately when I would lose it.

It is possible that I might make it to the register or even the car before losing my temper and generally having a meltdown. Really, that depends entirely on how long I would be stuck standing in the two lines and how overly excited Shelly got about her purchases. Which could be hours and a frightening display of glee, if back-to-school shopping memory serves.

And she realized that as soon as I mentioned that she was suggesting I go with her to the Gap Outlet on Thanksgiving weekend and try to find myself a pair of pants. It really was quickly agreed that it was better that I just spend the extra money on our emotional well being and pay retail.

posted by mary ann 11:47 PM