{ Friday, November 17, 2006 }

More Fun with Cats.

I took some measurements the other day.

Isis is, in fact, larger than me in many ways. Like his neck. It's bigger around than mine. Mondale's is not, so it's not just that cats have big necks or something.

Also, Isis's waist measures bigger around than mine. Mondale's waist is smaller than Isis's neck.

The boyfriend was not feeling cooperative, so I can't tell you if he is bigger than the cat.

I considered reenacting this fun time making the boyfriend document with the camera for everyone's entertainment, but then I decided it would be mean to disturb such a peaceful looking (and enormous (and awfully aggressive)) animal. Last time I got a lot of scratches.


Also, today at lunch, I burnt the shit out of my left index finger on the oven. Because I'm not supposed to eat pizza because I am allergic to tomatoes and I was being smote for trying. The pizza was good. And the rash isn't that bad this time.

posted by mary ann 9:48 PM