{ Tuesday, November 14, 2006 }

Mid Month RoundUp

What it lacks in content it makes up for in sheer amount of HTML and also closure!

  1. Well, in the end, I cleaned up the house until it appeared basically neat. And then the boyfriend's mother did not actually come in. Oh well, it can't hurt to have a clean house. You know, book I'm currently reading goes on the end table and not on the kitchen counter. Basics.

  2. Mondale is still wearing all ten holiday themed toenails. He's held on to his much longer than Isis did the one time I put them on him. I think he's entirely forgotten the entire experience. He is a really stupid cat.

  3. My tooth still hurts but it still doesn't hurt bad.

  4. The internet keeps crapping out on us. It's super annoying. We have a high end router. I don't know why this is going on. But if it keeps up, I'll just have to drag the super long network cable out and run it across the apartment. It's gonna make me realy popular in this house.

  5. No one else has tried to beg from me lately and not one person commented on my open ended question post. Very sad. And I haven't heard from my sister. Still. Nikki, if you're reading, freaking drop me an email.

  6. Mondale is as clingy as ever, but as predicted, the soft paws are working and he can't hurt me with his front legs anymore.

  7. I wrote about work, sort of, work many years ago, temp work, but none-the-less, I wrote about work and my life did not implode, yet. Maybe someday you'll get to hear the tales of the days when [I have changed this part three four times. Clearly, I'm not ready.]

  8. Mom continues to do better.

  9. After one Saturday night out alone, this Saturday night the boyfriend managed to go out to dinner with me. It was super exciting.

  10. The boyfriend informed me just now that the cat smells bad. Already. I think I got some of his food on him when opening the can. His food smells really really bad. And he's not... well, he wouldn't need baths if he could be relied upon to clean himself.

  11. I'm less angry than I was. Really. I'm not even bitter about trying to write entries.

  12. And the parking garage looks lovely. Today they were working on the parking lot at work, but fortunately I didn't have to park on the street or anything.

  13. And I have no follow-up on Halloween costumes I didn't wear. I did wear two garments I've had since high school today. But it certainly was not a costume.

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