{ Wednesday, November 08, 2006 }
Fans of my cats are going to enjoy NaBloPoMo, I think.

So, I came home from work and fed Isis and sat down at the computer. As I do. Mondale climbed up on me, as he does. He's really clingly. I picked up the camera and walked into the bathroom to take some pictures of the cat. He'll sit up there while I walk around. Because he's a weirdo.

I leaned forward for a second and he walked right on up onto my back.


And then I stood up and he went back up onto my shoulder. It's black and white because the lighting in the bathroom and the flash and all that was a bit much to manage with the cat and the claws walking all over me.


I stood still and the cat laid down. On my shoulder.


And then I turned around to try to get a picture of the way the cat was draping himself over my shoulder. His entire back half was just hanging limply down my back. He wasn't having it. Instead of climbing off of me, he just climbed down my front. He stayed like this until I finally put down the camera and picked him up.


posted by mary ann 7:03 PM