{ Wednesday, November 29, 2006 }

Bad Night

We had finally had a breakthrough in my dinner boycott tonight and I went to look for the number of the pizza place nearest to the place where the boyfriend was going to get himself a burrito. And then the computer locked up.

And so I threw it into standby and pulled it back up. Sometimes that works. Not this time.

Reboot. Blue Screen of Death. Reboot. Blue Screen of Death. Reboot. Blue Screen of Death. Reboot in Safe Mode. Blue Screen of Death. Pull out the battery, unplug the thing, press power and count to 50 (just to be thorough). Plug it back in. Reboot. Blue Screen of Death.

That was the point where I became basically unable to function anymore and the boyfriend had to take over computer diagnostics. Five or six reboots and blue screens later (each one followed by the same "isn't this odd" noise I made the first four times), he got some diagnostics running.

They're still going. Because there have been errors and we both had walked away from the screen. I am so much less than pleased. Good news: laptop is still under warranty. Good news: there are a bazillion computers in this apartment. Bad news: MY LAPTOP WON'T WORK!!

But this might be just the motivator I've been needing to go look up some emails from three or four years ago that I've been meaning to reread because I want to see if I'm remembering them correctly. They're on Ye Olde Desktop of Slowness (currently residing in the coat closet.)

I am currently wearing: long underwear, fleece lined pants, the long underwear top, a long sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt that is approximately 15 years old, and two pairs of socks. At this moment, my right knee and all of my toes are cold. Earlier I had a blanket and that was helping.

I do actually own some socks, even though most of the time I deny any such associations. My mother has a habit of mailing me seasonally appropriate socks. The ones on top are Halloween themed.

I don't wear socks for a whole lot of reasons. One of them is that the sound of cotton on cotton is my very least favorite noise ever. I have the best boyfriend ever and he put the socks on my feet for me. I also avoid socks because my toes like to move freely. And my boyfriend has tugged on the toes of the socks to get me more room everytime I've asked. I can't make myself do it because cotton on cotton.

(I also don't wear socks because they're a slipping hazard. This is evidenced by the time I fell down in the dorms and broke my right wrist during finals and had to write my exams with my left hand. It was Christmas when I broke it and by the end of the summer, it was barely functional enough for me to feel okay about putting my arm down while doing what were really one handed cartwheels. I was a summer camp counselor and there was a really good reason why I had to cartwheels all the way across center campus. I don't remember why, but I do remember that there were several people counting how many it took to get there. Doing them all one handed with my other arm down like "No, really, I'm totally able bodied. Pay no attention to the part where that arm doesn't touch the ground." was really challenging.)

I have it on good authority from someone wearing a normal amount of clothes that it is not actually cold in this apartment. I don't have a fever. I don't know what's wrong with me.

While we were home at lunchtime today, I mentioned to my boyfriend that I was having approximately my worst hair day ever. And he looked at my hair and really checked it out. (I've accepted that as long as it's basically long and basically red, it will register as normal.) And then he stifled a laugh and stammered while telling me it wasn't so bad in the most sincere voice he could muster.

I managed to locate a hairbrush and get it back under control before I went to lunch. I overslept this morning, so I'd dealt with my hair by simply grabbing it into a pile somewhere in the middle of the back of my head and throwing a giant barrette on top. It was a stupendous mess, even from the front.

Yeah, I overslept and then I felt like crap all day long and now I'm freezing. I suspect it's entirely menstrual in nature. I'm just not sure why my computer has come down with it as well.

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