{ Sunday, September 17, 2006 }


So, yesterday, I went to Vegas. It was quite a last-minute thing, just for the day. I set the alarm clock for six pm, because I've never been good with alarm clocks. Fortunately, Mondale thinks first thing in the morning is the perfect time to chew on me.

At seven ten I woke up. I threw on my favorite navy linen skirt (travelling in pleated linen = brilliant), a sweater and a tank top. I was thinking I might regret the sweater, but I had it on good authority from chris that it's as overairconditioned in Vegas as it is in Phoenix. So, cardigan it was. I brushed my teeth, grabbed an extra pack of cigarettes, and out the door.

The flight was at eight. They were nice enough to let me on the next one forty minutes later. I found two rubberbands in my purse and from there to french braided pigtails. They hide the I-haven't-washed-my-hair-this-week and oh-yeah-I-totally-forgot-to-comb-it look.

I'd never been to Nevada, let alone Vegas. That makes six entirely new states in 2006 (five were on the cross country road trip with my mom). I met up with the Pratts. Then we met up with Melinda and Kevin.

I had a very nice day. The weather was entirely perfect; I didn't take my sweater off all day. I got to meet Mrs Pratt; after talking to her on the phone for two years, it was great to actually get to hang out with her. We saw an absurd fountain show, loads of gaudy art (I like gaudy!), the Star Trek Experience, and even the top of the half scale replica of the Eiffel Tower. It really was a very good day.

I don't have any pictures. My camera got left on the kitchen counter. Because I overslept.

No, I didn't gamble. I don't gamble. Not even "I'll bet you a dollar that..." gambling. Em and I used to make absurd bets to decide which of us had to deal with the scary dishes, but other than that, I don't gamble. Because I get carried away with things really easily. And gambling doesn't sound like a great idea for me. Fine for other people. Not fine for me.

I'm really glad I chose to go on a random day trip to Vegas just because my friends were there. I had a great time.

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