{ Wednesday, September 06, 2006 }


My ear itches. Inside. Another freaking middle ear infection. Like my chronic heat rash, I am just pleased as punch to see that Dr Google seems to feel strongly that a person with a middle ear infection is obviously a small child. Popping my ears normally helps with this. This time, it makes it extra itchy.

Odds are, this means I need another fucking root canal. I don't have a sinus infection, or if I do, I haven't noticed yet. So, odds are it's my crappy teeth causing this.

Mondale is still confused about whether sleeping people are for climbing all over and chewing on or if they're for cuddling with and not molesting.

"Shut the stupid cat out of the bedroom while you sleep."

I don't think you know about Isis's intense hatred of closed doors, deep need to be within sight of his people at all times, and OH MY GOD HOW THAT CAT HOWLS. Because if you did, you'd understand why it is that we can't shut Isis out of the bedroom. And we can't shut him in there because 1) no litterbox and 2) HOWLING.

"Get a water bottle. Spray annoying cat when he's being annoying."

The issue with this is that sleeping with the water bottle means rolling over on the water bottle or losing the bottle in the bed. Sleeping with the water bottle nearby means having to wake up and try to find with without glasses in the dark and then locate the offending cat. By which time, the offense is over.

"You need to tire that cat out before bed until he gets a normal circadian rhythm going."

That's what we did with Isis when he was a kitten. Poked and prodded and played with him from early evening until bedtime. I'm working on it with Mondale. I think he's learned to sleep with his eyes open. He gets really still and pliable when I'm actively stopping the sleep.

I suspect he's sleeping from bedtime until hours before morning. Cat naps and all that. I'm still working on it.

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