{ Tuesday, August 15, 2006 }


I'm home sick from work today. A day on the couch with just me and the cats has been very interesting...

So, Isis is the smart one. Let's just establish that right out. And he spends his days napping under the couch with his paws sticking adorably out from under the cover.

Mondale is incapable of acting "natural" when there's a person around. So, he's spent his day all up in my shit. Earlier, I dropped a lighter between the arm and the cushions of the loveseat where I was sitting. And that cat spent at least fifteen minutes trying to get it out. He likes shiny things. At one point, he managed to get his head stuck down there. And then after I pulled him out, he dived back in and ended up falling ass over teakettle off the couch. Twice.

So, immediately after that, he started trying to pull something out from under the loveseat. And I ignored him until his back paw caught my ankle. Then he had my attention. I peered under there and then stuck as much of my arm as I could under there. I felt something toy mouse like. But I couldn't get it.

Mondale spends a lot of time with his arms under the loveseat. We've always brushed it off as his being a weirdo.

This time, I propped the front of the thing up on the phone books. Yes, this is the same loveseat I dropped on my big toe, fracturing it laterally, just a year ago. That was in my mind as I was propping it up.

There was a bounty under there. Twenty-nine little toy mice. I had noticed a real lack of them around lately (namely when I was looking to change the filter on their water bowl and there seemed to be a lot of ball shaped toys in the cat basket), but he typically seemed to have one to carry around in his mouth often enough...

Twenty-nine toy mice seems like a lot, especially considering that they're all officially Isis's (we haven't purchased any more since we got Mondale). My cats are so spoiled...

edited to add: Just on a hunch, I went and checked the second most popular spot for Mondale's little fits of "I have to get under this thing!!" Twenty-three mice under the storage drawer under the stove (it's electric, thankfully). Bringing our tally for today to 52 toy mice found.

Kitchen: (and I really like the way I tried so hard to get my toes out of the picture and they're still there and they look weird)


And Living Room:


While we're doing pictures... It's both cats, really close together, running away from me because they are united in their hatred of baths.

Two Wet Cats!

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