{ Thursday, June 29, 2006 }

When I Get Arrested for Commuting Naked...

I just want everyone to know that the air conditioning in my car is officially not working. There's a handy thermometer on the left side of this page, in case you need to know how hot it actually is here.

My commute is fifteen miles or so. At work, you have to pay to park in the shade (you have to rent a space) and I, of course, do no such thing. Also, my car windows still aren't tinted. And I don't put a shade in my window or a piece of carpet on my dashboard to stop the heat.

Basically, aside from the steering wheel cover and a vague plan to buy one of those golf club socks for the gear shift so I stop burning my hand (it's a stick-shift), I have done nothing to make my car less hot when I get in it.

And my office is cold. And today I was wearing long jeans, heels with covered toe and heel, and a lined linen jacket/shirt with three-quarter sleeves. I looked darling, but I seriously thought I might die of dehydration or minimally that my mascara was going to melt into my eyes and cause me to wreck while I was driving to lunch.

Obviously, the fixing the car air conditioning is a top priority for my weekend.

Getting the windows tinted and getting some sort of collapsible window shield, finding ways to cover all heat holding plastics in the car: carpet for the windshield and a sock for the gear shift... are all things normal people, people who have accepted that they live in the Sonoran Desert, do in addition to having working air conditioning in their cars.

It worked just fine yesterday. This morning on the way to work, I thought the air coming out was a bit warm, but I couldn't decide if the air was working or not. At lunch, it was clear. On the way home, it was brutal...

posted by mary ann 6:48 PM