{ Thursday, June 01, 2006 }

Basically an Entire Afternoon.

This weekend, I spent HOURS and HOURS playing The New Super Mario Brothers on my boyfriend's Nintendo DS. He started a game for me. I asked if it had a learning curve intended for a five year old. He laughed at me.

In games with infinite continues I feel strongly that I really have to be sure that I have the skill set they're trying to develop in the first level before I allow myself to continue to the second level. Otherwise, I'll spend 85 lives trying to beat the level I am on rather than actually getting better at the game.

Anyway, I am somewhere in level five. Steady spent some time sitting on the couch watching me play and concluded that I hold the controller all wrong. I am told that if I could find a new way to contort my hand, that might help. It would also help I'd stop instinctively making Mario duck-and-cover everytime I get overwhelmed by the things around him.

Basically, I am not good. But I am obsessive. So, I'm bound to get good. Eventually.

Isis had to go to the vet today. Because this morning I had to scrub poop off of every single stair and give him a bath and clearly this needed addressing immediately. The vet thinks he just had a little bug or something.

The good news is that he's losing weight at just the rate he's supposed to. I now have less than ten kilos of Isis.

The Fine Print:
2005: The beginning of the serious tooth ache.

2004: My furniture arrived in Arizona!

2003: My Uncle Bernie was really sick. He died a year later. "Uncle Bernie is the closest thing I have to a father figure." It's, for me, tough reading this.

2002: Something about my childhood journals.

2001: No entry.

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