{ Monday, May 08, 2006 }

Bits and Pieces

The other day when I was talking to Nikki (my eighteen year old half sister), she was explaining to me why she thought that our father would never have grandkids. (Hooray! Nikki has gotten over her baby fever!) She opened with:

"Well, I mean, you're twenty-six..."

Okay, she actually said I was twenty-five and I had to correct her about my age. Obviously, I am a committed barren old maid. I am twenty-six years old.

I know most of my readers are older than I am. Do you feel super old yet? Cause I kinda do.

I am still peeling from the sunburn. It's itchy and gross. I am completely fascinated by it.

Steady wants me to tell you that he bought a new TV for our home. So, now we have the big TV that has the computer controlling it in the spare bedroom (fancy!) and the bigger, plasma LCD, HDTV in the living room (super fancy!). They both even have cable. So, now we have the ability to watch recorded television on both laptops and the old TV and we can watch live TV in HD.

Do you remember that one time when I abstained from television entirely for almost six months? This is the opposite of that.

This weekend I saw the inside of the grocery store for the first time since... March. I wanted mint for my Derby Day juleps and since we were driving to the store to get mint, Steady suggested we actually buy food. Ultimately, we made a bad choice of grocery store and mostly didn't get what we wanted... including fresh mint.

I went to a second store after that and found my mint. We still don't really have much by way of groceries around here. But I did get my julep.

And I did get teary eyed when they sang My Old Kentucky Home. I was a bit annoyed that Steady did not stand up and join my sing-a-long in the living room.

We spent three hours cleaning on Saturday. The agreement was that I would load and switch the wash and Steady would tackle folding and delivery of clean clothes. The second load I did was towels. I got them to the dryer and I put all of the sheets and pillowcases in the washer.

That was Saturday. It's now almost eleven pm on Monday and the sheets are almost certainly sour in the washer. I haven't rewashed them because... why? The towels are still in the dryer. And so we continue to sleep on the matress pad and naked pillows.

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