{ Tuesday, March 28, 2006 }

Not Good.

Hopefully, when we wake up tomorrow, Steady's throat will be much better. About ten days ago, he complained that his lymph nodes were swollen. Then he got a fever blister. Last Wednesday, he complained that his throat was feeling sore.

Naturally, I wrote these all off as pre-flight stress symptoms.

By Sunday it was apparent that he was really very ill. We went to Urgent Care (my mother took us) and he was diagnosed with strep throat.

How long after you begin antibiotics are you supposed to start feeling better? Because it's been 3 entire days now and it seems to be getting worse. By this evening, his throat was pretty much too swollen for him to talk. Every time his pain reliever wears off, his fever comes back. He's lost 14 pounds.

Tonight I put fresh batteries in the flashlight and checked things out for myself. That experience is not one I wish to relive. It's nasty in there. I just did a google image search and his throat looked much worse than any of those pictures. It looks sort of like the worst ones under tonsillitus.

So, if things are not radically better in the morning, off we go to the doctor. He's much too sick and drugged to take himself, his mother is out of town and it would not be right to ask his grandparents to expose themselves to this. So, that'll be my party.

The interweb says that the incubation period for strep throat is 3-5 days. He's been sick for a week now, so I guess if I'm gonna get sick it'll happen tomorrow at the latest...

posted by mary ann 11:49 PM