{ Monday, March 20, 2006 }


Three more sleeps and then we wake up and get on a plane to Kentucky!

Honestly, I believe it will be two more sleeps because... I never sleep the night before a morning flight and my boyfriend appears to be a far more nervous flier than even I (of the "I'm getting on an airplane and now here's a phone tree in case of horrible tragedy" e mails. Jordan is currently in charge of updating this page "in case of", because he has posting privleges here.)

But we're going and getting on a plane and then we'll be in Kentucky and the sky will be smaller and the ground will be greener and the trees will be deciduous. And I will see my friends and my family and have many birthday parties.

Hey, if you still need the details on the birthday parties (Friday night in Lexington and Saturday night in Cincinnati), drop me an e mail and I'll gladly provide them.

To deal with my excitement, I've been cleaning like a maniac. There are several reasons for this.

  1. We come home at nine am and have the entire day off on Monday. I don't want to spend it feeling like I ought to be doing laundry.

  2. Coming home to a clean house just sounds nice.

  3. If we put everything away, the cat is less likely to destroy it while we're gone.

  4. Maybe coming home to a day off and a clean house will take some of the sting out of the part where I have to come back.

I have done a bazillion loads of laundry. All of Steady's clothes are clean. The sheets and towels are clean. What is noticeably absent from that list? Oh yeah, my clothes. They're still strewn about throughout the house. I don't mind doing laundry, but I hate putting it away...

I scrubbed the bathrooms this evening until my entire body hurt. I still haven't actually tackled the countertops.

The dishes are done, the coffee table is gleaming, the trash has been taken out a thousand times (by my boyfriend. I was busy cleaning the shower naked. Because I don't have to go in the washing machine when I get Comet on me. I actually just have to turn on the shower.)

The books are all up off the floor. The stacks of "unshelved" books on the bookshelf are getting a little bit out of control. It appears that my shelf of "I like to read trash sometimes" is about to become two shelves of "apparently, I love to read trash all the time." once I put them away properly.

But for now, all the books have been gathered from the floor and the nightstands and the couches and coffee tables and this sounds like I leave a little trail of books behind me everywhere I go. Which is fairly true. Books, clothes, shoes and hair rubber bands really...

We are now more than three weeks into the cat's diet. He seems to be getting smaller. It still hurts just as much when he steps on my boob, but he's more active and he looks less like he could pop.

The Fine Print:
2005: I was cleaning on this day last year too, and I managed to take pictures.

2004: No entry. Huge amounts of stress in my life, but no entry.

2003: "I'm going to send my poor mother to an early death with this instant pudding business. Or else, my dead grandmother is going to come and haunt me with lectures about the evils of instant pudding after she says "Your hair just looks so much better off your shoulders." and tells me what to wear for the lecture..."

2002: Did I ever really think that boy was gonna pay me back? Apparently I did.

2001: No entry

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