{ Saturday, March 04, 2006 }

The Drive-In

Last night, Steady and I decided to go to the Drive-In to see a movie. We grabbed some dinner and headed over there.

The first fear was that they would only take cash. Neither of us actually had any cash. I tried calling to find out, but the automated line confused me. Somewhere in the middle of dinner, I realized I should have pressed the option for prices. Unfortunately, when I called, it was busy.

So, we got all the way to the front of the giant line of cars and saw a tiny, tiny sign saying it was cash only. It was right next to a sign that said "No Barbecue Allowed." I could not for the life of me figure out what was offensive about barbecue as opposed to other outside food and drinks. Steady went ahead and asked if we could pay with a card anyway. So, we had to turn around and run to the ATM in the gas station on the corner.

We finally made it though our second turn in line, paid and were told to tune into a certain radio station and take a sharp left toward screen two.

We picked out a spot in the large dirt lot. The radio was tuned in. The previews were playing. We got the seats all adjusted, took off our shoes, and generally settled in. And I was peacefully staring at the screen and listening to the audio and thinking "Previews are so fast paced. They never make any sense." when Steady announced that we seemed to be at the wrong screen.

Yeah, so the audio and the picture were not in any way compatible. And the movie had started. I probably would've caught on if given ten more minutes. First, we tried to find the right audio and then we concluded that this was clearly not the movie we were supposed to be seeing. We looked around and Steady identified the right screen.

So, we drove over there. Have I mentioned that Steady was driving? Have I mentioned how he hates driving after dark because he is really, really nightblind? And his car won't let you turn the headlights off. We made it to the correct screen, found a spot, got the car turned off and settled back in.

Halfway through the movie, it occured to me that the no barbecue allowed sign meant that "Hey, you can't bring your grill to the movies." Who thought they would do that? Excersizing the second biggest bonus of the drive-in (talking during the movie. First is smoking during the movie), I shared this revelation with Steady. He'd never been confused about it though...

We ended up having a very nice time. We left like halfway through the credits, but none of the other cars even appeared to be packing up. So, possibly it was a double feature and we just skipped out on the last half...

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