{ Thursday, January 05, 2006 }


The cat has unravelled the toilet paper four times today. Four times.

I am beginning to lay blame on Steady. "How could I have done it? When am I at home and not with you?" "When you're in the bathroom." "Oh. Right."

It's only the downstairs bathroom. And in an effort to clear his name, Steady showed me the tiny tiny claw marks on the toilet paper most recently dismantled by the idiot cat. He also spent some time trying to convince the cat to go in there with him so he could witness the unravelling.

Then he had a brilliant plan.

We would hide in the bathtub and wait to catch the cat at it. I mean, in the four hours I've been home, the toilet paper has been unravelled both times I've gone in there. Actually, ever time I've gone into the bathroom in the last two days, there's been a pile of toilet paper on the floor or in the toilet. How long could it take?

Oddly enough, this was a hard thing to do without giggling. So, we're both standing in the bathtub, behind the shower curtain, fully dressed, waiting for the cat to wander in. And since I am snorting and biting my thumb trying not to laugh and we're both stage whispering at each other... the cat found us.

The cat found us and he stared at us from the other side of the cracks at the edges of the curtain like "I am not the neurotic creature in this house." And this went on for a period of several minutes until we had acheived a certain level of calm.

And then the cat jumped up and knocked his shampoo (the cat's) off the edge of the bathtub and at Steady's feet causing us both to jump in genuine scared shock. It was enough and we left the bathtub.

Since this happened and I started writing about it, I have followed the cat into the bathroom no less than three times. Each time he was checking out the bathtub and leaving the toilet paper unmolested. Also, he turned around and looked at me like "You are actually the strange one. I know you're there, weirdo." Until he shreds the shower curtain, I can live with this.

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