{ Friday, January 13, 2006 }

Stop It!!

Steady and I have been watching 90210 reruns for awhile now, and we've just reached the point at which Dylan rejoins the show...

I just want the record to show that the character of Dylan McKay must have been based in some way on my father. Seriously. They look disturbingly alike. The mannerisms, cadence, sometimes even the voice... I can't watch without screaming at the television that Dylan should stop being my dad.

Just in case anyone was wondering what my dad is like. He's just exactly like Dylan McKay, just a little older.

This is for January 12, because all day Thursday I really did think it was Wednesday...

The Fine Print:
2005: This appears to be about how I kept oversleeping because I kept staying out til three am drinking.

2004: "So, JV had called when I got home. I called him back. "wanna buy me a drink?" "always" "I'll come get you" "naturally."

He came over. Em decided to come with. We left. JV said he wanted to go somewhere we'd never been."

This was one of the weirdest nights of my life.

2003: no entry

2002: no entry

2001: no January entries

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