{ Thursday, December 15, 2005 }


The company holiday potluck and office party (not to be confused with the holiday party two weeks ago) is tomorrow. All locations shut down for a couple of hours and come to the main office (where I work) for a potluck and Secret Santa finale and all that good stuff. I am bringing a vegan lasagna. It's all finished baking.

Really, I could have made it out of plastic. I'm the only vegetarian in the whole company and I think the words "soy cheese" will be enough to scare everyone off. Last year, I baked a monsterous quantity of cookies in August and, honest to goodness, I took the last of those to the potluck in December. Some people even claimed to like them. This year, the food is fresh, but I seriously doubt it will be eaten.

Tomorrow I still have to go and buy the things that the company is providing -- carbonated beverages, cups, plates, silverware, ice, &c, but I think I can do that during the work day. I also have to see to it that the ham and turkeys are successfully delivered to the office. And in fourteen more hours this party will be over and my holiday related extra work will almost be over. This is very exciting.

I have also managed to find a final Secret Santa gift that I have deemed completely adequate. It's wrapped and sitting by the door.

Also by the door are the gifts I need to mail to Kentucky for the family's As Seen On TV "Yankee" Gift Exchange. (Yankee gift exchange being the one where you can steal a previously opened gift.) Yes, my mother's highly educated, Country Club family will each be giving and receiving a product that was seen on TV. I found some good ones in the grocery store. I will be participating by telephone. It should be quite hilarious.

Steady and I are exchanging gifts on Sunday, because Sunday is the anniversary and that makes it easier with all the family and what not. Neither of us has actually managed to get a present into this apartment yet. So, we know what we'll be doing on Saturday...

The cat thinks Christmas has already come and gone. Tonight there was "floor cheese" (shredded cheese dropped on the floor while I cook carelessly. It's his favorite food. Don't put the cheese in his bowl though, he won't eat that.) and I left the extra tissue paper from the gift wrapping on the floor and he got to shred it. If a moth or cricket could just come inside and need killin', it would be the best day ever.

The house still has to be cleaned in preparation for the arrival of the guests. In addition to the mother, stepfather and sister arriving on Christmas, we get back to back Kentuckians with chris coming on the 30th. I'm super excited about it, except for the part where I need to rid the place of as much cat hair as possible (the step father is allergic) and also do 15,000 loads of laundry.

It's all starting to come together.

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