{ Sunday, December 04, 2005 }


Last night was the company holiday party. I made my hair real big and put on lots of make-up and we went. Last year, I went to the party alone and that lead to the personal ad that lead to Steady. This year, I had a date.

Today we walked downtown to see a movie. There was an art festival going on. It was fairly crowded and pretty interesting. The highlight for us though was a bag of kettle corn.

The lowlight for me was some street performer. He got our attention while talking into his mic about balancing a wrench of some sort on his teeth. He lost my attention when he asked some audience participant if he'd ever been to The South. Then he told the audience that not to "bend over" if you're ever in the south. I didn't stick around to find out where he was going with that set-up; instead I cursed under my breath about closed minded, uninformed assholes making Deliverance jokes for a couple of blocks.

The cat is still fat. I know. We've again busted Steady on the habit of sneaking him an entire extra bowl of food everyday and hopefully he's going to start slimming down soon. Minimally, the hunger is making him more active (as he searches for things to "kill" and eat. His favorites seem to be tape and paper.)

I haven't done laundry in a long, long time. I still have clean underwear, which to me means "Not time to do laundry yet." Also, the change in the weather means a change in wardrobe. It came convienently about when I ran out of clean "summery" work clothes.

My boyfriend, who you might remember is in charge of "everything that is not cooking or laundry" housework-wise, is tired of walking on clothes all the time and seems to have run out of clean things to wear. I prolly ought to address that situation.

I just want to ask everyone, how long does soy milk stay good? Because Steady just sat down with a bowl of cereal (it seems I am also not doing so hot at the cooking thing), and it has soy milk on it. I am sure he checked the expiration date, but I am equally sure he did not stop to wonder if perhaps it spoils sooner than that once it's been opened.

And I can't get up and inspect the soy milk to see how long it'll stay good and I can't say anything to him because he's TOTALLY freaked out about spoiled food. And then he'll stop eating and I'll have to cook something and I don't feel like it. Also, he'll obsess about everything that his stomach might do for the next twenty-four hours. And I don't wanna deal with that either.

That soy milk is at least two weeks old. Maybe three. Is that okay to consume? Am I sitting idly by while my boyfriend gives himself food poisoning? Because that would be much worse than any possibly-spoiled-food-fueled freakout.

I checked the carton. Seven to ten days after opening. I checked my bank statement. I bought that soy milk on November 15. I am sure we opened it November 18 or 19. I should probably stop him, but he's on his second bowl, so now we'd have food poisoning and a freak out.

Hi, Steady, I hope you're okay. Sorry, I watched and blogged about it in real-time instead of stopping you from (right this second, he's drinking the leftover milk) poisoning yourself. I'm gonna go do some laundry so at least you'll be poisoned in clean clothes.

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