{ Thursday, December 22, 2005 }

I'm Boring.

So, my very good friend and former roommate Christain formally complained via e mail about the part where I am uploading several entries at a time lately. Except that I hadn't informed her that that is what I am doing -- just uploading entries with dates appropriate for when they were written -- so she thought I was having technical difficulties.

And I am, sorta. It's more like time difficulties. So many things to do and so little time in which to do them. The end of the year is coming too fast at work and everything HAS to be done RIGHT THIS MINUTE and family is coming too soon and then there are social engagements and I'm stretched a bit thin at the moment.

So, once more I say, go get yourself a Bloglines subscription (or find any other RSS reader) and then you can stop coming here and finding no new entries. Also, I will try to do Holidailies properly and actually update the page on a near daily basis.

Last night I was out until after one. We did manage to leave before we closed the bar -- it's important mentally to not be out until last call. I did get up this morning and I arrived at work early. It was pretty amazing considering the vat of gin I consumed at the bar.

The friend we were out with (hi! See? You don't go entirely without mention... another formal complaint with regard to mary's little life, Steady's best friend feels woefully undermentioned) had the brilliant idea of getting around the terrible service by just ordering a couple of rounds at a time and so I really have no idea how much I drank.

Remarkably, we got the one cab driver who doesn't arrive at our gated complex and immediately start talking about how much money we must have. Instead, we got one who drove up on the curb. Getting out of the cab required reaching out the window and opening from the outside, which was pretty unnerving really -- the idea that we were basically trapped in there.

And then tonight I got home from work and immediately turned around to go out to a large group dinner followed by drinks. Except, I begged out at ten thirty and walked home, because that's two past one am nights in a row and I need to sleep. Steady seemed concerned about the prospect of my walking by myself, but I'd rather be alone on the side of busy streets than locked in the back of a cab alone. And he should get to play with his friends by himself sometimes...

Have I mentioned lately that my one tooth hurts? Because it does. And it's already had a root canal. I think my bite is all fucked up and possibly the stress is causing me to grind my teeth in my sleep.

Speaking of, I'm off to bed before there are unplanned friends over and I'm caught sitting on the couch in my underwear.

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