{ Thursday, December 01, 2005 }

Cute Cat

So, tonight we decided to open this bottle of wine that my mom left behind when she came with my furniture in May 2004. We were shocked to learn that it was white wine, which does explain clearly why it was never consumed. We drank it anyway. It was some sort of fancy pants wine; I know because I googled it. It was kinda icky, as white wines are...

Anyway, so then the cat was being all cute. See how adorable and fat he is?


And then I had to go and make the cat dance, because he was so damned cute. This lead to Steady taking what is possibly the worst picture of me ever. And I am going to share it with you. Because you are special. But only a tiny version of it because I look terrible.

You might look at this and ask yourself "What happened to her hair?" The answer is "It was tied in a bun and it fell down, except, it didn't all fall down because the last time I washed it was... definitely not in the last week. It's been cold outside and I'm too cool to turn on the heat, and I don't want to catch cold. Also, I HATE having wet hair.. so I don't go for that whole hair washing thing often anyway."

So, here you go. My hair might slide off of my head at any second, also, apparently it's magically gotten six inches shorter and it appears I have a mullet, but the cat is dancing and the whole thing was such a spectacle that Steady grabbed a camera.

We'll just go ahead and put it next to a not-nearly-as-bad, but still not flattering self portrait taken Saturday before I headed off to a party. At least it shows that fairly recently I did not have a mullet and there was no danger of my hair sliding off my head.


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