{ Tuesday, November 08, 2005 }

HTML fairy...

I've been helping to adjust some Blogger templates lately. Here are three newbie journals that you might want to go look at, since I helped make them less-standard-issue:

The Active Soul is one of my friends.

English Dreaming, English Rain is David Southwell's blog. I know that the archives and post pages aren't working. We'll get there. David writes books.

And explorers are we is from a friend of a friend who seems to be in the spot in her life where I was in mine when I started doing this whole online journalling thing five years ago.

Tonight I made strawberry pudding on the stove (milk, cornstarch, sugar, strawberries). It is super tasty. I have good reason to think that it is going to turn into bricks in the fridge. Because my hot pudding always turns into bricks in the fridge. I think I am supposed to not eat it and rather continue stirring it until it gets a little cold to prevent that. But it was super tasty hot.

Yesterday I drank something called a "Pumpkin Spice Latte". It came from a machine at a gas station; they didn't have normal coffee ready to go. It in no way resembled normal coffee and only vaguely resembled a latte, but it was also super tasty.

It's been about ninety degrees outside during the day here. It makes it hard to believe that such a thing as winter, or even fall, exists. My plants are thriving outside and hopefully soon we'll see the beginnings of some tomatoes and peppers.

But it's supposed to be almost Thanksgiving and something has snapped in me that says "Make seasonal foods for cold weather!" and so our home has suddenly become very stove and oven intensive.

Steady and the cat had their first fight today before I got home from work.

Yesterday the very delicate and special remote control that my boyfriend made out of a serial cable fell down and broke. As we were lacking a soldering iron at the time, I used the stove and a butter knife to repair it. Unfortunately, it needs to hang in front of the cable box and we only had double sided tape. I used a lot, but it fell down anyway. And broke again.

Today Steady came home from work with a soldering iron. He repaired the remote. And while he was hanging it, the cat decided he wanted to taste it. Steady told him no and pushed him away. The cat, undaunted, continued to try to lick the remote control. Steady told him no and pushed him again. This kept up until the cat decided he'd had quite enough and attacked Steady's arm. It bled.

And now they are on opposites sides of the room behaving as though the other does not exist. I have no idea how long they're gonna keep this up...

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