{ Tuesday, November 15, 2005 }

First Annual Lobster Fest.

There was something called The First Annual Lobster Festival going on over the weekend. This city is trying so hard. They really are. Any idea that ends in "and there will be people enjoying the beach park" get a green light. Lobster Festival. In Arizona.

I never, ever do this, but, seriously, I can't count on you to click on the link. And... well... so I am totally just linking to their image and stealing their bandwith and making a bad person of myself. Because you have to see this...

It's a little lobster cowboy!! In weird little lobster chaps! If that didn't totally make your day, I don't know what. Because it is the funniest thing I've ever seen.

I am not using another picture, but honest to goodness, the marketing for this involved some poor, poor soul running around being the mascot, Louie the Lobster. In a lobster costume. If you got your picture taken with Louie and you could get a VIP package for the First Annual Lobster Festival.

Lobster Festival. First Annual Lobster Festival. Maine lobster. In Arizona. I have scoured the website and I cannot find a page devoted to WHY ON EARTH this happened. Fortunately, I also have not seen any news about how many people got food poisoning. Seriousy? Maine Lobster? Here? At an outdoor festival?

I'd tell you about how we saw the Ferris Wheel from our living room window and still went to the historical society museum instead and it was completely everything you would expect to find in a museum devoted to a city that had no good reason to exist before air conditioning.

Except, they didn't bring up the whole climate thing up aside from a lesson on canals and water shortages. I was sort of expecting an entire room devoted to "Why the settlers did not die of exposure in July." and "What they did that made them think it was Just for them to end up living in Hell."

I could say a lot about the Historical Society Museum, but I just looked at the lobster cowboy again and now there are tears running down my face from the giggling.

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