{ Wednesday, October 19, 2005 }

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Twenty-Fifth Birthday to Steady!


Clearly, he's thrilled about it.

So, JournalCon is in TWO DAYS. And I have absolutely no idea what it is that I will be packing. Besides my fancy Scrabble board. And sunscreen. (I have seen too many not-red-headed and fair-skinned coworkers come back from weekends in San Diego with horrible sunburns not to know better.)

We're driving to San Diego, so that does give me a certain amount of freedom to pack all the clothes in the world. (Steady is driving to San Diego. His driving plan mostly involves me falling immediately back to sleep as soon as I get into the car at dawn. He knows what he is talking about.)

Steady and I have big plans to go to bed early Thursday night so we can leave at sunrise (which my sources say is somewhere around 6:40 in the morning). I'm a bit concerned about hitting morning rush hour traffic in Phoenix, but then I've not really ever been on the roads that early here... So, maybe we'll miss it.

I am starting to get very excited.

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