{ Monday, September 05, 2005 }

Drink Drank Drunk

Saturday night, off we (Steady and I) went with four other people for dinner and some drinks.

I shouldn't try to keep pace with the boys. Especially not when the boys are drinking beer and I'm drinking gin.

As it turns out, I can drink eight (seven? nine?) gin and tonics and one shot of tequila and then, when the bar is closing, still think that taking a cab to the strip club is a great idea. I can even do so wearing a tube top without flashing anyone or smearing my make-up. My boyfriend and our houseguest did not agree to the strip club idea. Two other people had left us before the last bar, and so it seemed time for the evening to end.

I walked home. I don't recall clinging to Steady for help. It's a mile and a half and there's a bridge involved. I walked home. I rode in the elevator. I climbed into bed. I did not throw up.

That's pretty remarkable if you ask me.

Then we went out to breakfast at, you know, like, one pm. I was feeling so rough at that point. I ate my breakfast and guzzled the water as quietly as possible.

Sometime around nine pm, it was time to go back out. Mind you, the rest of this group had spent the day together outside swimming and stuff while I was sitting on the couch wondering why the cat has to meow so goddamned loudly.

I still wasn't feeling especially great. I ended up playing a game of Trivial Pursuit while sitting on someone's living room floor wondering why I hadn't gotten my act together to take a shower or do something with my hair and did I smell like gin.

I made an impressive showing. By the time everyone else had one or two or three pies, I was still back with none, having managed only to answer one of my questions correctly and it was about Ben Affleck. I later redeemed myself somewhat and did get one piece of pie. Ultimately, the game ended when Steady got his last piece of pie on the last unused card in the game.

If it had been Scrabble, I would have kicked ass.

We got home at two this morning. As of now, I am still suffering from the lingering effects of the hangover and also I have not showered.

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