{ Saturday, August 13, 2005 }
Twice in the last week, I have let the cat onto the balcony, walked away and promptly forgotten he was out there for several hours...

The first time, I let him out. I left the screen closed and the door open; we were in the room. Steady didn't think this was a good idea. "What we're right here! We will hear him when he wants to come in."

Except, I didn't. I left the room. Hours later Steady heard a pathetic mewing and realized I'd abandoned my cat outside.

Later that night, a conversation about the topic "you abandoned your cat on the porch" led to each of us accidentally poking the other one in the eye.

And then last night I went outside while talking on the phone and the cat followed me. Steady and I went to dinner and movie before I heard the pathetic mewing and let the cat back in.

For the record, he used to voluntarily spend 12 hours or more outside. I'm not really worried about what's gonna happen to him hanging out on a balcony four floors up for a couple hours.

This morning, the cat woke us up by screaming. After food was added to the bowl, the screaming didn't stop. So, I cracked the door, hoping that might shut the cat up. Well, it did.

First he stared at me like "I'm not going if you don't go." and then he laid down in the doorway. Clearly he doesn't like being locked out.

I just told you about all of that so I'd have an excuse to share this cute picture of Steady and the cat that I just took...


posted by mary ann 11:46 AM