{ Sunday, August 07, 2005 }

Bad Day

I had a bad day today. It started when McDonald's refused to sell me my favorite breakfast (that's a bacon, egg and cheese bagel, no bacon if you're playing along at home) five minutes before serving breakfast time was supposed to end.

Then Steady and I went to Fry's Electronics, and that always makes us both just a little bit homicidal. The service there is just... terrible.

After that we attempted to go to lunch, but the first place we picked was so packed that we nearly wrecked in the parking lot and then gave up and left when the spot we were after was taken out from under us by a big white truck. So, we went somewhere else instead and got carry-out. After we drove way far away so we could sit in the smoking section.

And now, after an uneventful afternoon and a nice, if slightly strained dinner, I have some gastro-intestinal distress going on. Maybe the bean dip had lard in it. Maybe there was too much cilantro in the salsa. Maybe my body's having one of its "We don't digest dairy products" evenings. Maybe the water I drank at dinner came straight out of the tap.

I didn't used to have such a delicate system...

And then earlier I bumped the special wire that serves as the remote control for the computer that records the television. I was measuring that shelf, because Steady said that the new computer case he bought wouldn't fit on the shelf, and I measured the shelf before we picked out the case and I measured the case in the store and it was supposed to fit, so I was trying to measure again and see where I went wrong. (There's a lip on the shelf that I didn't take into account.) So we don't get to watch The Amazing Race tonight because we have to record the late showing instead.

On the upside, I didn't completely break the remote. My ass would be in Big Trouble if I broke the remote. It has been explained to me several times and at great length that the remote is a delicate and precious thing that Steady had to solder onto a serial cable himself, and that the cat and I are not to touch it.

So, today was no good. Yesterday was very good. One of my sorority sisters was in town for a few hours. I hadn't met her son before, and he's now four years old, so that was very exciting.

This kid. Wow. You've never met such a polite, well spoken, well behaved, just-barely-four-year-old in your life. He can read. And speak Spanish. And he ate tofu with us using chopsticks. He even called me a "hottie". She is such a good mom. It was really amazing.

We went out to lunch and then to the public water park down the street and then back up to my apartment where my friend fell asleep sitting up in a chair while I read aloud to the child and then (while she was sleeping) used her small child as slave labor taught him a really fun game called "couting and rolling change."

What was that they used to tell us at Camp? A really good counselor can get children excited about watching the grass grow? He really did enjoy rolling change, I promise. And it's highly educational. There's identifying types of change, and learning how many pennies are in each thing, and all that counting, and the fine motor skills of sticking the change in the wrapper. It's a very good game.

And I did tell his mom that he could have a roll of pennies, but she saw that more as a potential disaster in the back of the rental car than as a good idea.

And then last night, we went to Steady's friends' house and they made us pizza and we watched a move. That would make Saturday the most social day I've had in... well, since I went home for Christmas.

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