{ Friday, July 29, 2005 }

We Have Spouts!

This morning I woke up to some plants that had magically grown out of the soil overnight!

I am pretty sure what has spouted is some cat grass, one bean and literally between when I took pictures of them and came back with their water, a tiny sprout of leaf lettuce.

I am totally enthralled and now I want to hurry up and buy some more potting soil so I can plant more things. I should be completely out of control any day now. Green things! In my apartment!

The Fine Print:
2004: "I just have a hard time with the fallible part of being human, especially where work is concerned."

2003: I was working 10+ hours a day and trying to move.

2002: I was recently unemployed and moving and trying to make myself do things.

2001: had the summer off... but you should know I was moving then too...

posted by mary ann 8:16 AM