{ Thursday, June 23, 2005 }

Photo Entry!

What's that? You think it's time for a photoessay, because clearly this space hasn't become quite focussed enough on visual stuff? I heartily agree!

Speaking of visual stuff... how much do we love the new masthead? JV did that for me today. He started it on his own and then he asked for ideas about what characterizes me beyond liquor and the cat and I believe I said "I smoke and I fall down a lot." So, there you have it.

Tomorrow I fly away home for the weekend to attend the lovely chris's wedding. JV is going to be my date, and we've concluded that it will absolutely be The Exclusive Social Event of the Season.

On with the pictures!

So, we'll start with the trip to the zoo.

Here we have a tropical wonderland. Palm trees look so much less stupid when they've not been trimmed.

That alligator looking thing in that display? Is totally made of cement.

This is just the view off some path at the zoo. Most of Phoenix looks NOTHING like this, but I did think this looked pretty. Not that I'd want to frolic in it, but for a picture, it's nice.

That's me with my back to the "view" at South Mountain. Last Sunday, Steady and I went there for a picnic. The "view" is of the vast, sprawling pit that is Phoenix (some of which you can see off to the right). We ate lunch facing the city, because Steady's more into that than picturesque outdoor scenes.

The cat watching the storm outside brewing about an hour ago. (You can also seem some of my plants!)

And the view once the storm really got underway. Also, the highway, and a little bit of downtown.

Wasn't that fun? Now my camera is all unloaded so as to better take pictures of mary ann and JV's Grand Adventure to Central Time and Back and chris the Pretty Pretty Bride on Saturday.

The Fine Print:
2004: "My Uncle Bernie died today" This is really yesterday's entry, but by the next day I wasn't writing.

2003: This entry is mostly about how JV made Ellie, Kristie and I drink 3 liters of Whiskey Sours and then we tried to keep him in our home.

2002: It's a post about... cleaning my house. Cause I'd just been laid off.

2001: I took the summer off so as to better enjoy my impoverished situation at the time.

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