{ Tuesday, June 28, 2005 }


I had a very long and boring day today that reminded me why it is that I tend to spend my Tuesday nights drunk.

Last night, Steady declared that he really wanted some cake. He even threatened to go to the grocery store bakery and buy one. So, I baked a cake, improvising a few ingredients. It came out the consistency of corn bread, but really, it's a pretty good little white cake I turned out.

I think it needs a glaze, but I never think that pastries are quite sweet enough. I want them to be like candy and to resemble bread in no way. Steady threatened to eat the whole thing last night, so I must have done a pretty good job.

What else can I tell you? I can tell you that I went home this weekend and my edema returned with a vengence. My feet and ankles went back to looking like my grandmother's when she was in her eighties. I could push on my shins and the indent left behind was visibly deep.

I came home and I peed and I peed and I peed and then my ankles and feet and calves went back to being skinny and kinda bony and there's no more water in them. Clearly, my body prefers Arizona.

Emotionally, I prefer Kentucky. As I was walking to pick up my rental car, a woman was backing into a parking place. She rolled down her window and apologized to me for delaying my progress to the car, because she knew it was hot outside and she felt bad for being the reason I would have to spend another instant standing in that parking lot. That wouldn't happen here.

I miss good customer service being the norm, even from people who make minimum wage. There's a feeling in a crowded place there, everyone is jumping between tables and there's that feeling that we're all here together sharing this space and people are aware of it and courteous and friendly simply because of it. In a crowded place here, I might as well be invisible.

You also don't get green, green hills covered in giant old trees for as far as the eye can see here. Also, to quote my sister "It even smells like scorched earth".

The cat's starting to lose it, I think. He needs more stimulation. He has started showing a serious interest in table tops. He entertains himself by sitting on the coffee tables and deliberately knocking the stuff off of them, or else by investigating and knocking over bowls and glasses. He's also treating me more like prey than usual, and I'm beginning to develop a complex about it. Clearly, he's a bored cat in an environment that's too static for him.

Anyone have any ideas on how to keep an energentic house cat entertained?

And that's it, because Steady's just come out here and declared that he also needs a drink. So I'm off to walk downtown and do some drinking.

The Fine Print:
2004: "I lost my boarding pass on the plane. I didn't move the whole time I was there. I just lost it."

2003: "No one came out with a shot gun so I guess we're cool."

2002: excuses for not writing mostly amounting to "I'm stressed"

2001: I took the summer off.

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