{ Thursday, May 05, 2005 }
Tonight, I beat Paul, Pratt, and CanadaDave twice at Literati. I thought y'all should know.

There's not too much going on around here. I leave on Saturday at approximately fucking dawn to go to Portland, Oregon for my sister's Derby party. We'll drink mint juleps, wear ridiculous hats, and sing "My Old Kentucky Home". She's been planning for months; she planted the mint in, like, January.

She's even managed to locate a television. We had some small worries that there would be no actual horse racing watched at the derby party, but that's been worked out.

I come back on Sunday evening. I can only spend so much time in The Den of Unicorns (that's the name of my sister's vegan, anarchist collective). I learned that at Thanksgiving. Sunday, we'll call Mom for Mother's Day together, and otherwise, I don't know what her plans are for the day.

I still have to pack and locate a ridiculous hat. Steady is not coming along. He was invited, but he declined. I'm told he might not appreciate a Derby Party the way it needs to be appreciated. I do get to meet Shelly's boyfriend though. That'll be very exciting.

We've spoken on the phone... like when they were at the seashore and Shelly was darting in and out of candy stores. She'd hand over the phone to him while she got more sugar.

"Your sister really likes candy."
"As a child, my grandmother thought it was fun to hide candy in cupboards and watch Shelly sniff it out. She'd climb up in there and find it, everytime."
"I believe that."
[Shelly clamoring in the background]
"What did you feed her?"
"She had coffee."
"What? Why did you give her coffee? We can't drink coffee! It makes us hyper!"
"I don't know. She just kept pouring herself more at breakfast."
"You're in for a treat. How much candy does she have now?"
"A lot."
"Better you than me."
"She's back. Here you go."

He seems like a nice guy. My mother and the aunt and uncle who met him say nothing but nice things about him. Shelly needs a quiet, straight man for her mania (not that I know anything about that myself.)

Okay, I have nothing else useful to say... go troll around in the archives... those posts down there are not terrible, which is just about the nicest thing I would say about my own archives...

The Fine Print:

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2003: "I gently suggest that if we don't know if the floor below us is on fire or not, perhaps we ought to evacuate..."

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2001: No Entry. I was busy trying not to harm myself or others while living with two unemployed stoners in a one bedroom apartment.

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