{ Tuesday, May 03, 2005 }

The Latest.

PS: I'm now hiccuping due to the drinking.

First, we went to dinner at Steady's grandparents'. Then we came home and watched TV. Are you watching The Amazing Race? If not, you're totally missing out.

This evening, Steady has been commenting on how dirty and smelly the cat has gotten. So, after Gilmore Girls (last on the TV schedule, after The Amazing Race followed by 14 Kids and Pregnant Again! and I am not italiciszing all of this because of hte drunk nad the hiccups) I gave the cat a bath.

we're off to get clean!

we're clean!

THe cat is outside now getting over the wetness. He'll be dry in about two minutes... this is the desert.

There were other things I had to tell you, but I had a bunch of gin and then I forgot about them. Sorry.

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